≤5 Pax Group/Family Photo

From: $598.00

Best for Family Portraits, BFF Gatherings, Bridesmaid Shoot, Groomsmen Shoot

$598 for 4 hours
🌸  1 look, in any 2 themed rooms
🌸  The price includes makeup, hair styling, costumes, and professional photography
🌸  Return of 8 touched up photos in e-copy within 7-10 days (unless otherwise stated)
🌸  The touched up photo is entitled to 2 free revisions, additional revise will cost $15
🌸  You may choose to wear/bring your own costumes or access to the studio’s collection
🌸  Add on “Accompanying” if a friend/helper is coming along to assist the shoot
🌸  Strictly for group photos, no individual shots (please Call/WhatsApp 9029 4733 for individual shoot arrangement If needed)

PS: We do not provide original photos. Original photos with only color adjustment can be bought at $5 each, additional photos with professional touch up at $15 each.

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